The Best Foods

It won’t be wrong if we say that the whole of the nation runs on Chai, Strong and aromatic tea along with something hearty to munch on!!You cannot ask for more. We at Fibbi are of the vision to bring the food lovers with different taste buds to a place where they can not only enjoy Desi and Continental food but provide the most overwhelming ambience to its customers. From crispy & crunchy Pizza Paratha to juicy and succulent Burgers, tender and scrumptious Barbecue to mouthwatering Lemonades… We have got it all what it takes to fulfill your food cravings along with exquisite dining experience!

So come along with your pals and loved one’s and we promise you won’t regret it.


Pasta White Rs 380
With A Cheesy Cream Sauce, Black Olives, Mushroom & Grilled Chicken Breast
Pasta Red Rs 330
Pasta With A Spicy, Red Tomato Sauce Herbs & Garlic
Lasagnia Rs 330
A Delightful Mix Of Chicken With Red & White Sauce Under Sheets Of Pasta Topped Generously With Chadder Cheese

Signature Tea

Fibbi Tea Rs 100
Fibbi Zafran Tea Rs 150
Fibbi Double Zafran Tea Rs 200
Kashmiri Tea Rs 120
Ginger Tea Rs 100
Chocolate Tea Rs 140
Hot Chocolate Rs 150


Black Tea Rs 80
Black Tea Lime Rs 100
Green Tea Rs 80
Green Tea Mint Rs 100
Honey Ginger Tea (Hot / Cold) Rs 100
Peshawari Tea Rs 100
Pomegranate Tea (Hot / Cold) Rs 100
Lemon Grass Tea Rs 100
Rose Tea Rs 100
Jasmine Tea Rs 100
Apple Tea (Hot / Cold) Rs 100
Mango Tea Rs 130
Mix Fruit Tea Rs 100

Tea Snack

Egg & Chicken Sandwich Rs 200
Chicken Spread Sandwich Rs 150
Arabic Pitta Sandwich Rs 150
Chicken Smoke Sandwich Rs 200
Egg Spread Sandwich Rs 180


Black Coffee Rs 100
Fibbi Coffee Rs 120
Cold Coffee Rs 250

Special Soup

Hot and Sour Soup Rs 200
Chicken Corn Soup Rs 200
Cracker Rs 50


Plain Paratha Rs 70
Lachha Paratha Rs 80
Cheese Paratha Rs 130
Anda Paratha Rs 120
Aaloo Paratha Rs 120
Aaloo Cheese Paratha Rs 180
Aaloo BBQ Chicken Paratha Rs 270
Aaloo BBQ Chicken Cheese Paratha Rs 330
Chicken Paratha Rs 220
Chicken Cheese Paratha Rs 280
Chicken Achari Paratha Rs 250
Arabian Chicken Paratha Rs 300
Mexican Chicken Paratha Rs 250
Fibbi Special Pizza Paratha Rs 400
Pizza Paratha Rs 280
Pizza Cheese Paratha Rs 340
Bar.B.Q Paratha Rs 260
Bar.B.Q Cheese Paratha Rs 320
Nutella Paratha Rs 180
Nutella Coconut Paratha Rs 200
Nutella Commelle Paratha Rs 220
Rabri Paratha Rs 220
Honey Paratha Rs 220

Bar. B. Q. Special

Chicken Tikka Rs 220
Malai Tikka Rs 260
Behari Tikka Rs 240
Green Tikka Rs 240
Chicken Boti Rs 320
Malai Boti Rs 340
Green Boti Rs 270
Chapati Rs 20


Maxican Fajita Wrap Rs 250
Arabian Shawarma Wrap Rs 250


Regular Fries Rs 150
Mayo Garlic Fries Rs 170
Cheese Fries Rs 200


Chicken Roll Rs 120
Chicken Cheese Roll Rs 140
Chicken Chatni Roll Rs 130
Crispo Roll Rs 160

Desi Special

Desi Bun Kebab Rs 100
Aaloo Pakora Rs 100
Chicken Pakora Rs 160
B.B.Q. Chicken Pakora Rs 180


Chicken Steak Burger Rs 350
Chicken Crispy Burger Rs 350
Bar.B.Q Burger Rs 300
Fish Burger Rs 350


Chicken Sandwich Rs 220
Chicken Club Sandwich Rs 300
Mexican Sandwich Rs 280

Shake Classic Division

Blue Berry Lagoon Rs 200
Vanilla Rs 200
Strawberry Rs 200
Mango Rs 200
Chocolate Rs 200
Pakola Rs 200


Blue Colada Rs 250
Pina Colada Rs 250

Shake Chocolate Division

Catch me if you can - Snickers Rs 250
Most Wanted - Bounty Rs 250
Choco Land - Cadbury Rs 250
Planet Mars - Mars Rs 250
Public Enemy - Oreo Rs 250
Break Time - Kit Kat Rs 250

Lassi Special

Mango Lassi Rs 200
Sweet Lassi Rs 150
Strawberry Lassi Rs 200
Salti Lassi Rs 150


On the Rocks Lemonade Rs 150
Electric Lemonade Rs 150
Lychee Lemonade Rs 150
Blue Mist Rs 150
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
Mint Lemonade Rs 150
Strawberry Lemonade Rs 150

Ice Cream

Vanilla Single Rs 70
Vanilla Double Rs 120
Strawberry Single Rs 70
Strawberry Double Rs 120
Chocolate Single Rs 70
Chocolate Double Rs 120
Mango Single Rs 70
Mango Double Rs 120

Cold Beverages

Soft Drink Rs 60
Small Water Rs 40
larger Water Rs 80
Red Bull Rs 200


Raita Rs 30
Chipotle Rs 30
Green Chatni Rs 30
Red Chatni Rs 30
Mayo Garlic Rs 30

Ocean Tower
G-3, Block-9,

Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Clifton


Lucky One Mall
LA-2/B, Block 21,

Rashid Minhas Rd

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